Video introducing CADAM3D


CADAM3D is a user-friendly software based on the gravity method originally developed by MLT Technology for Hydro-Quebec and for Dams and Hydrology of the Quebec Ministry of Environment. CADAM3D is intensively used by Hydro-Quebec since 2005. To our knowledge, no other software similar to CADAM3D is available at this time.

If you perform stability analyzes of concrete hydraulic structures, this software will allow you to perform them much faster and more efficiently. If you are interested in this type of software and would like to try CADAM3D, please click on the "Contact" button to send us a message.


CADAM3D features


  • Gravity dam section
  • Gated spillway section
  • Intake section
  • Chute section
  • Failure in foundation (multiple-wedge analysis)
  • Drainage system
  • Nonlinear material properties
  • Lift joints
  • Additional volumes and voids
  • Passive anchors
  • Concentrated masses
  • Backfill and frontfill


  • Operating reservoir levels
  • Flood levels
  • Ice loads (thermal expansion and impact)
  • Silts
  • Floating debris
  • Overtopping
  • Uplift pressures
  • Concentrated forces
  • Post-tensioning cables
  • Pseudo-static (seimic coefficient)
  • Pseudo-dynamic (spectral method)
  • Incremental analysis

Analyses and reports

  • Linear/Nonlinear analysis (cracking)
  • Automatic generation of load combinations
  • Modification of uplift pressures in cracks
  • Verification of allowable stresses
  • Verification of required safety factors
  • Verification of resultant position
  • Input parameters report (spreadsheet)
  • Calculated loads report (spreadsheet)
  • Load combinations reports (spreadsheet)
  • Graphical presentation of stability results
  • Plot of stress distributions
  • Plot of incremental analysis results